The Benefits of Hot Tubs and Spas

You immediately feel good when you get into a hot tub, instantly losing 90% of your body weight, reducing the load on your heart by 10-20% and because the temperature is sustained at around 38C, the feeling of well-being that you experience is accompanied by changes in your circulatory system that have a beneficial effect on many aspects of your body.  When this is combined with the therapeutic effect of the spa's massage jets, which further relax the muscles, and promote healing, the result is sheer bliss!

Other benefits include: relief from stress, helps with insomnia, promotes healing, provides relief from arthritis and chronic pain and reduces blood sugar levels and as such benefits people who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Perhaps most importantly, hot tubs provide an ideal place to relax with your friends and family. For those of you with children, they think the whole hot tub experience is as cool as you do and you'll be amazed at how the conversation magically flows!

You'll find yourself becoming incredibly popular too as your friends queue up to share a cool drink and have a fun dip in your tub, so get yourself a hot tub and have a party!

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