Based in Hartlepool, Pool Spas are the North East's No. 1 Passion Spa dealer with our knowledge gained over almost 10 years in the industry you can be assured that our extensive expertise allows us to provide a range of carefully selected hot tubs,  spas and swimspas to customers throughout the UK. 

Over the last 10 years or so we have grown our business year on year and with hundreds of successful hot tub installations ranging from 2 person hot tubs to 25 foot long behemoths you can swim in and everything in between, you can be assured that Pool Spas know what we are doing. 

Buying a hot tub or swimspa is a substantial investment for most people, and with a lot of models costing in excess of a small car, when choosing a supplier for your hot tub installation - trust, knowledge and experience ensure you are getting the best possible protection. we chose the Passion range because we have used our industry experience to select a range of products that not only offer great value for money and unsurpassed quality but we are confident they represent the best-of-breed hot tubs and spas in the industry today, offering our customers the best possible value for their investment.


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