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Pool Spas supply a range of high quality Traditional Saunas, Infrared Saunas, Barrel Saunas and Steam Rooms to complement your lifestyle and improve your health and well-being.

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People have used saunas for their health benefits since Roman times, recent studies have shown that regular sauna use carries with it a wide range of health benefits including relieving pain caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular rehabilitation after heart problems, treatment of skin issues, reduced tension in the joints and relief from sore muscles, a recent study has also linked regular sauna use lowers the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, you can read more about the health benefits of regular sauna use here.

Pool Spas based in Hartlepool offer a wide range of saunas at great prices, we offer a selection of Infrared Saunas, more Traditional Saunas (also called Finnish Saunas), Barrel Saunas which are suitable for the outdoors as well as everything else you need to make your sauna experience complete and steam rooms.

Infrared Saunas are the latest in technology when it comes to saunas. Infrared Sauna therapy offers a huge range of health benefits, including treatment for sports injuries, joint and muscle complaints, and detoxification. Infrared saunas reach a maximum temperature of around 65°C. This is because the infrared rays heat the body directly not just the air inside the sauna.

Traditional / Finnish Steam Saunas are what probably springs to mind when you hear the word sauna, these work by generating heat by pouring water over hot stones which in turn produces steam. Traditional Steam saunas are able to create atmospheres of high humidity, and temperatures can reach up to 85°C. Real items of luxury, these traditional steam saunas are often found in gymnasiums and health spas.

Outdoor and Garden Saunas are fantastic if you can afford the outside space. These are standalone saunas that are traditionally heated with a wood burning stove, but also commonly use electric heaters. Built to withstand the elements, these saunas provide the perfect retreat from the stresses and strains of modern life, within the tranquillity of the outdoors. Infrared Saunas can also be positioned outside, but must be housed in a watertight structure, such as a summer house or cabin.

All of our saunas come with free delivery and an installation service if required and a comprehensive parts and labour warranty, we deliver to customers in Hartlepool, Teesside, the North East of England and the rest of mainland UK.

If you have any questions about the saunas we offer, please feel free to contact us, we would be only too happy to help with the selection process and answer any question you may have about the saunas and steam rooms we offer.

Barrel Sauna Rustic 7 + 1ft
RRP: £5690.0000
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Barrel Sauna Rustic 8ft
RRP: £5690.0000
Popular Saunas
RRP: £2398.0000
Popular Saunas
Barrel Sauna Rustic 6ft
RRP: £4490.0000
Popular Saunas
RRP: £2998.0000
Popular Saunas
Barrel Sauna Rustic 4ft
RRP: £3590.0000
Popular Saunas
Barrel Sauna Clear Red Cedar 6ft
RRP: £5990.0000
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Barrel Sauna Clear Red Cedar Grandview Multiroom 7 + 3 ft
RRP: £12990.0000
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Pool Spas is a one of the leading sauna suppliers in the North East, we have been operating for over 10 years and are proud to have built a fantastic reputation for providing high quality saunas at the forefront of design and production. All our saunas are engineering and manufactured to the highest specification and are renowned in the industry for exceptional innovation and superior design. Enhance your life with a sauna that is reliable, easy to maintain, and inexpensive to run.

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Pool Spas are based in Hartlepool and a leading supplier of Traditional Saunas, Infrared Saunas, Barrel Saunas and Steam Rooms throughout the North East, Teesside, North Yorkshire and Durham areas including Hartlepool, Darlington, Middlesbrough, York, Harrogate, Sunderland and Newcastle and the rest of the UK.

We deliver FREE to all parts of mainland UK excluding the Scottish Highlands & Islands and also offer an installation service where required, all our saunas come with a comprehensive warranty.

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