The Lucas Hot Tub

Brand: Passion Spas
Product Code: Lucas


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The Lucas Hot Tub

The Lucas hot tub is characterised by its round shape. This allows you and your friends to enjoy the wellness of the spa while cosily sitting in a circle. Each seat of the spa provides you another massage with a varying number of jets. You can either choose a full body massage or go for a more subtle massage that focuses on a specific part of your body. The massaging jets are all vibrating jets, which gives a perfect blend of water and air.

  • Spa Width - 182 cm
  • Spa Height - 72 cm
  • Number of people - 5 Persons
  • Number of Jets - 17
  • Heating System - Balboa 2 Kw
  • Pump - 2.5 HP with 2 Velocities
  • Electrical Requirements - 13AMP

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