Small hot tubs to large hot tubs – Sundance Spas creates a hot tub shape and size for every backyard. With its smartly designed triangular shape, the Tacoma is a standout among small hot tubs because it fits practically anywhere. It’s where the low-profile, small hot tub design takes shape. Leave it to Sundance to design a small hot tub that’s ultra-versatile.

Or, bring home a Sundance McKinley™, Sundance Ramona™, or Sundance Peyton™ spa and get ready for big fun. These spas give you plenty of room for family and party-size groups. Favourite features, like waterfalls, molded beverage holders, and comfy pillow headrests are standard on these three models. And for the best hot tub experience, the McKinley, Ramona, and Peyton standard features include designer stainless steel jets, and seductive LED lighting.

Take a moment to immerse in total relaxation. Peacefully alone or in the company of friends and family, find time to let go of stress and enjoy simply feeling good. That’s what happens when a 680 Series Sundance spa becomes a part of your life. Every model delivers the combination of heat, buoyancy, and massage that is known to help you feel better in so many ways – classic Sundance hot tub hydrotherapy.

We know you want be sure you’re getting the best. Manufactured by the company with the most certifications, awards, and honours in the industry, the 680 Series spas by Sundance offer more custom options, and come in more shapes and sizes, than you will find in almost any other spa line. Most importantly, 30 years of Sundance experience have gone into the design and production of the 680 Series spas, and each one is backed by a comprehensive warranty – your assurance of the best quality and reliability.

The Sundance Denali
The Denali by Sundance Hot TubsWith room for up to six adults, the evolutionary Claremont® spa is lo..
The Sundance Edison
The Edison by Sundance Hot TubsWith room for up to seven adults, the Edison® spa offers total relaxa..
The Sundance McKinley
The McKinley by Sundance Hot TubsThe spacious McKinley® spa offers room for up to seven adults. Deli..
The Sundance Peyton
The Peyton by Sundance Hot TubsWith room for up to six adults, the Peyton® spa offers lounge seating..
The Sundance Prado
The Prado by Sundance Hot TubsWith room for up to five adults, the Prado® spa offers a classic hydro..
The Sundance Ramona
The Ramona by Sundance Hot TubsWith room for up to six adults, the Ramona® spa offers lounge seating..
The Sundance Tacoma
The Tacoma by Sundance Hot TubsThe waterfront city of Tacoma, Washington is tucked between the shore..
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