What Is a Swimspa

For many, getting in shape and working out can seem like a chore. Swim spas offers an array of resistance swimming options, helping you get in shape while enjoying the relaxing benefits of a hot tub. Swim spas are also an excellent option if you do not have the room required for a swimming pool. 

Swim Spas | History and Overview

Dating back to as early as the 1970’s, the first swimming machines were attempted. However, they received a lukewarm reception and did not meet consumers expectations. Designed with a tank of water, and a few jets from a pump or two, these versions paved the way for future models.

During the 1980’s, improvements were made to resistance swimming technology, especially in regards to the single pump system. The 1980’s marked the use of propellers and giant paddles allowing for a constant water flow, and thereby pushing the overall viability of the industry.

As time went on, tweaks to the overall design continued and resistance swimming technology evolved. This includes improvements to the water jet and pump technology such as direct jet current and systems that route the current through various channels and troughs are just some of the advances.

Today swim spas offer a wide array of options. As well, swim spas are ergonomically designed, and enhanced to provide optimal therapeutic benefits. To top it all off, consumers can customize their swim spa to suit their needs.

Swimspa Health Benefits

A proper diet and exercise allow for many health benefits. Swim spas are a great tool for hydrotherapy. Exercising offers many benefits in itself, including:

  • Decrease your chances of getting cancer
  • Decrease your chances of getting diabetes
  • Reduce your risk of infection
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Allow for a better sleep
  • Extend overall life span
The warm water and greater-than-atmospheric pressure of a swim spa offers an array of benefits as well. The swim spa provides an increase in cardiac output with a decreased pulse rate.

Meanwhile, the warm water will dilate the blood vessels and therefore increase circulation. This combination allows for an increase in endorphins during your workout. This also increases the flow of nutrients, making way for healing and regeneration of cells. It also works to decrease any pain-causing chemicals. If your spa includes benefits of hydrotherapy, you will see better immune function, circulation and digestive function, as well as decreased pain.

Pool Spas are pleased to offer a range of Swimspas designed to meet your individual requirements, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Apollo Swimspa
Apollo Swimspa Seats 4Lounger 1 Total Jets 54Weight: 850kgDimensions 5800mm x 2200mm x 1380mmLE..
Ares Swimspa
Ares Swimspa Seats 1Lounger 2 Total Jets 36Weight: 690kgDimensions 4300mm x 2200mm x 1350mmLED ..
Athena Swimspa
Athena SwimspaSeats 2Lounger 1 Total Jets 44Dimensions 5900mm x 2250mm x 1480mmLED Lighting Mulit co..
Neptune Swimspa
Neptune SwimspaSeats 3Lounger 1 Total Jets 136Dimensions 5850mm x 2200mm x 1300mmLED Lighting Mulit ..
Poseidon Swimspa
Poseidon SwimspaSeats 4 Total Jets 59Weight: 805 kgDimensions 5700mm x 2200mm x 1300mmLED Lighting M..
The Aquatic 1 Swim Spa
The Aquatic 1 Swimspa by Passion Spas The Aquatic 1 is the ideal swim spa when space is at a premiu..
The Aquatic 2 Swim Spa
The Aquatic 2 Swimspa by Passion Spas Sweeping curves that create entrance stairs distinguish the..
The Aquatic 3 Swim Spa
The Aquatic 3 / Aquatic 3 Deep Swimspa by Passion Spas The Aquatic 3 is the ultimate multi-use ..
The Dynamic Spa
The Dynamic Swimspa by Passion Spas The Dynamic Swimspa was introduced for the 2018 range and is ..
The Energy & Energy Deep Swimspa
The Energy Swimspa by Passion Spas The Fitness Collection of Swim Spas provides an authentic swim..
The Fitness 1 Swimspa
The Fitness 1 Swimspa by Passion Spas The Fitness Collection of Swim Spas provides an authentic s..
The Fitness 2
The Fitness 1 Swimspa by Passion Spas The Fitness Collection of Swim Spas provides an authentic s..
The Spirit & Spirit Deep Swimspa
The Fitness 1 Swimspa by Passion Spas The Fitness Collection of Swim Spas provides an authentic s..
The Vitality Swimspa
The Vitality Swimspa by Passion Spas The long swim lane of the Swimspa Vitality is equipped with ..
The Activity Swim Spa
The Activity Swimspa by Passion Spas New for 2019, The Passion Spas Activity Swimspa is a new, co..
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