The Holiday Let Hot Tub

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The Holiday Let Hot Tub

HSE’s guide The Control of Legionella and Other Infectious Agents in Spa-Pool Systems, produced in consultation with Public Health England, is a code of practice to assess and control the risk of exposure to people offering domestic-type spa pools or hot tubs  as part of a business activity, e.g. in holiday park rental units, holiday lets, caravan parks, hotel bedrooms with a dedicated spa and systems on display or at exhibitions.

Although the HSG282 is not statutory law, it is considered best practice and is viewed as an approved code of practice. The standard would be used in a court of law as a measure of whether or not a risk holder has complied as far a reasonably practical to meet the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

The best practice guidelines including having hot tubs that are fitted with constant chemical dosing systems, simplified control systems, high performance filters and the removal of air blowers.  Pool Spas can help holiday let companies meet the hardware requirements by supplying HSG282 compliant hot tubs but also advise on all other aspects of the act including testing and your responsibilities between now rental clients. 


  • Dimensions: L 200 x W 200 x H 84 cm
  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Number of Loungers: 1
  • Capacity in Litres: 1700


  • Total Water Jets, Stainless Steel: 30
  • Ozone Sanitisation System
  • High Performance Filtration System
  • Frog In-Line Constant Chemical Dosing System
  • Ozone Jet: 1 


  • LED Light System
  • Ultra Efficient Dual-Wrap Cabinet Insulation
  • Hard Cover
  • Massage Distribution System 


  • Voltage 220-240
  • Amperage: 13 amp plug & play / 30 amp  depending on configuration
  • Full Flow Electric Heater 2kW or optional 3kW
  • Light (Multi Color LED)

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