The 880™ Series hot tubs define the luxury spa category by virtue of their style and advanced performance. Luxury spas should fulfill your vision of a dream backyard, and then some – and these do. Beautiful, built with smart technology, and feature-rich, each 880 Series luxury spa makes it possible for you to experience the best in home hydrotherapy.

A Sundance® 880 Series luxury spa, whether grand and spacious or compact and cozy, provides signature Sundance comfort, relaxation and therapeutic massage. Of course, our luxury spas offer extras, like SunScents™ aromatherapy and a marine-grade stereo system. Other stand-out features include patented Fluidix™ hot tub jets  that deliver a professional-caliber hydromassage, and AquaTerrace™ waterfalls rise above a seat where you can relax as water cascades over your back and shoulders.

  • Luxury spa hydrotherapy with healing benefits
  • Easiest upkeep in the portable hot tub industry with the MicroClean™ Ultra™ Filter
  • Incredible back massage from our famous Accu-Ssage™ therapy seat
  • Our 880 Series spas lead the luxury spa industry. From the marvelous Maxxus™ to the fully loaded Marin™, each of the 880 Series spas packages the healthy benefits of hydrotherapy with entertaining features.
The Sundance Altamar
The Altamar by Sundance Hot TubsWith room for up to six adults, the Altamar® spa offers a lounge sea..
The Sundance Aspen
The Aspen by Sundance Hot TubsThe roomy Aspen® model has room for up to eight adults, the highest se..
The Sundance Cameo
The Cameo by Sundance Hot TubsThe Cameo® spa seats up to six adults, offering the perfect variety of..
The Sundance Capri
The Capri by Sundance Hot TubsWith room for up to three adults, the compact Capri® fits in virtually..
The Sundance Marin
The Marin by Sundance Hot TubsWith room for up to five adults, the Marin® spa maximizes comfort and ..
The Sundance Maxxus
The Maxxus by Sundance Hot TubsAs the largest model with a lounge seat, the Maxxus™ spa has room for..
The Sundance Optima
The Optima by Sundance Hot TubsThe Optima® has the best of everything, with room for up to seven adu..
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