The Dream 7 Spa
The Dream 7 by Passion Spas The Dream is a one-piece moulded spa that is designed for durability ..
The Lucas Hot Tub
The Lucas Hot Tub The Lucas hot tub is characterised by its round shape. This allows you and your f..
The Mallorca Luxury Spa
The Mallorca Luxury Spa The Mallorca Luxury is a suitable spa for almost everybody. The spa feature..
The Thomas Hot Tub
£3,599.99 £2,999.00
The Pool Spas Thomas Hot Tub This spa is a compact one, so you'll always find the perfect spot to p..
The Excite Spa
The Excite by Passion Spas New for 2019, The Passion Spas Excite is a spacious spa that provides ro..
The Relax Spa
The Relax by Passion SpasWith three bucket seats and two full-size loungers, the Passion Spas Relax ..
The Aquatic 1 Swim Spa
The Aquatic 1 Swimspa by Passion Spas The Aquatic 1 is the ideal swim spa when space is at a premiu..
The Aquatic 2 Swim Spa
The Aquatic 2 Swimspa by Passion Spas Sweeping curves that create entrance stairs distinguish the..
The Aquatic 3 Swim Spa
The Aquatic 3 / Aquatic 3 Deep Swimspa by Passion Spas The Aquatic 3 is the ultimate multi-use ..
The Bliss Spa
The Bliss by Passion Spas The Bliss Spa is the ideal "compact" spa, this two person spa measuring..
The Desire Spa
The Desire by Passion Spas Expanding the design of the popular Pleasure Spa, the Desire adds an e..
The Dynamic Spa
The Dynamic Swimspa by Passion Spas The Dynamic Swimspa was introduced for the 2018 range and is ..
The Ecstatic Spa
The Ecstatic by Passion Spas The Ecstatic is a seven person ultra deluxe theraputic oasis that ..
The Energy & Energy Deep Swimspa
The Energy Swimspa by Passion Spas The Fitness Collection of Swim Spas provides an authentic swim..
The Euphoria Spa
The Euphoria by Passion Spas The Euphoria Spa combines the most innovative spa massage ever devel..
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